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What Is The Main Usage Of Cleanroom Wiper?

What Is The Main Usage Of Cleanroom Wiper?


Cleanroom wiper has a wide range of usage, but in the end it is used in what aspects and what environment ? Many people still dont know details.

In fact, cleanroom wipers are mainly used to clean the conductor production line, chip, microprocessor assembly line, etc.;LCD liquid crystal display products and circuit board production lines;Precision instruments, optical products, aviation industry, etc. Because the cleanroom wipers are made of 100% polyester fiber, the diameter of the fiber is very small, so its bending stiffness is very small, the hand feel is particularly soft, ROHSIN dust-free cloth is easy to wipe the sensitive surface, friction does not take off the fiber, with good water absorption and cleaning efficiency.Therefore, the application of dust-free cloth in these industries has a very obvious effect.

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