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  • Reusable cleanroom gloves Mar , 12 2024
    Reusable cleanroom gloves protect against contaminants and ESD (electrostatic discharge) buildup. They allow properly grounded workers to handle sensitive electronic equipment. Reusable cleanroom gloves are made of washable and reusable materials, such as nylon and polyester. They have high tactile sensitivity, good breathability and high resistance to moisture, contaminants and ESD.
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  • Manufacturer of Cleanroom Sticky Mats | Tacky Floor Mats Sep , 04 2023
    Each Tacky Floor Mat contains 30 sheets of polyethylene with sticky adhesive top coat. Once the surface is contaminated and no longer tacky, the sheet is peeled away to reveal the next clean sheet. The mat is attached to the floor with an adhesive backing to eliminate movement once the mat is positioned. Features and Benefits: • Quality and cost-effective • Colors include: Blue, White, and Grey • ...
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  • Cleanroom Workshop Environment
    Cleanroom Workshop Environment Mar , 17 2023
    Air Quality Control Carefully controlled air quality is essential to any cleanroom. Your Air Handling Unit (AHU) will need to be equipped with humidity control and specialized HEPA filters and will be calibrated for hourly air changes. Controlled and contained air flow throughout the cleanroom space will ensure standard air quality. Hiring a certified HVAC contractor with experience in cleanroom s...
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  • Anti-Static ESD Wipes in a Cleanroom Setting Feb , 09 2023
    The cleanroom environment in an electronic assembly setting is particularly vulnerable to contamination. Not only must we contend with all the usual contaminants that threaten the cleanroom environment, but also the sensitivity of the electronic products manufactured within means that particles a few microns across can wreak havoc. Contaminants can cost a fortune in recall costs. Many a successful...
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  • Why Use ESD Wipes in a Clean Electronics Assembly Environment Jan , 06 2023
    ESD wipes are a must-have in an electronic assembly cleanroom. These wipes are specially designed to eliminate any static discharge that can damage or influence the performance of sensitive electronic components. Everything is done to ensure that ESD wipes perform as advertised, since the failure of the product can be catastrophic to the client. The material from which the ESD wipes are manufactur...
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  • What are gloves made of?
    What are gloves made of? Jan , 03 2023
    Gloves come in a variety of compositions for different uses. • Nitrile – these gloves are made of 100% nitrile and are latex-free, anti-static, and resistant to many chemicals. This glove provides excellent dexterity, sensitivity, flexibility and tensile strength. • Polyethylene – this glove is perfect for food handling and light industrial applications. It provides a splash barrier for liquids an...
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  • Material of cleanroom wipers
    Material of cleanroom wipers Dec , 23 2022
    You can see various wipers in the world to control contamination at cleanroom. You need to know what makes an ideal wipe for its specific purpose. Examining two essential wiper attributes (material and construction) is 1st step in determining if wiper is proper for specific situation and application. Material: Synthetics, Cotton and Blend Synthetics like polyester and nylon are cleaner than cotton...
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  • About cleanroom wiper you need to know Dec , 09 2022
    - Materials Wiper fabrics are made from synthetics, natural materials, or a combination of the two. It is important to choose the correct materials for your wipers in order to ensure your cleanroom is compliant with regulations. These are constructed similarly to polyester but are much  - Polyester These can be single- or double-knit and double- or multi-layered. They can also be tubular or h...
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  • Woven or Non-Woven?
    Woven or Non-Woven? Nov , 14 2022
    Polyester woven wipes are made from the traditional weaving method by interlacing threads Cleanroom Wipes to form a fabric or cloth. Weaving reduces linting by minimizing loose ends and locking stray fibers into the fabric. Woven wipes can be strong, but the quality will depend on the type of thread used and the manufacturing methods. The cheapest woven wipes consist of reclaimed fabrics, but bewa...
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