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  • ESD Wipes – Everything You Need to Know

    Anti-Static ESD Wipes in a Cleanroom Setting The cleanroom environment in an electronic assembly setting is particularly vulnerable to contamination. Not only must we contend with all the usual contaminants that threaten the cleanroom environment, but also the sensitivity of the electronic products ...

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  • Our Cleanroom Wiper Production flow

    We Xiongbao Weaving Co.,Ltd are professional manufacturer of Cleanroom Wiper. Polyester is a synthetic petroleum-based fiber. Monofilament or continuous polyester cleanroom wipers is the cleanest wiping material available. Monofilament structure ensures a very strong and durable material. Natur...

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  • Stringent requirements in cleanroom

    Cleanrooms are classified according to the number and size of particles permitted per volume of air. Large numbers like "class 100" or "class 1000" refer to FED_STD-209E, and denote the number of particles of size 0.5 µm or larger permitted per cubic foot of air. A good air handling system ensures t...

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  • Types of non-woven material

    TYPES OF NON WOVEN MATERIAL · Polypropylene/Cellulose – High absorbency, durable, resistant to acids and other chemicals, autoclavable · Blue Polypropylene/Cellulose – Visual inspection background, general purpose cleaning · Polyester/Lyocell – Cleanest nonwoven, high absorbency, exceptionally soft,...

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  • Product characteristics of industrial wipes

    Product characteristics of industrial wipes 1. Excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function; 2. High efficiency water absorption; 3. Soft will not damage the surface of the object; 4. Provide sufficient dry and wet strength; 5. Low ion release amount; 6. Not easy to cause a chemical reac...

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  • Xiongbao cleanroom wiper

    Xiongbao cleanroom wiper.Using Non-Woven or Knitted Dry Cleanroom Wipers will provide innovative cleaning solutions for contamination control in regulated and controlled environments. Knitted/Woven Cleanroom Wipers are made from polyester or cotton materials, they are manufactured with sealed edges ...

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