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ESD Wipes – Everything You Need to Know

ESD Wipes – Everything You Need to Know


Anti-Static ESD Wipes in a Cleanroom Setting

The cleanroom environment in an electronic assembly setting is particularly vulnerable to contamination. Not only must we contend with all the usual contaminants that threaten the cleanroom environment, but also the sensitivity of the electronic products manufactured within means that particles a few microns across can wreak havoc.

Contaminants can cost a fortune in recall costs. Many a successful electronics company has already had to contend with the catastrophic costs of such an eventuality, which is why a great deal of time, money and training goes into ensuring an almost sterile electronic assembly cleanroom environment.

Electronics assembly cleanrooms boast particularly severe cleanroom protocols, designed to maintain an optimal level of quality and avoid contaminants at all costs. Aside from your run-of-the-mill contaminants such as biological agents and microfibers, the electronic assembly cleanroom is faced with the added challenge of the presence of static electricity and products which work like magnets for electrically charged contaminants. This is why further specialized material is needed in this cleanroom setting, and this is where ESD wipes come in.

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Why Use ESD Wipes in a Clean Electronics Assembly Environment

ESD wipes are a must-have in an electronic assembly cleanroom. These wipes are specially designed to eliminate any static discharge that can damage or influence the performance of sensitive electronic components. Everything is done to ensure that ESD wipes perform as advertised, since the failure of the product can be catastrophic to the client.

The material from which the ESD wipes are manufactured is anti-static polyester and carbon core nylon. This negates any electric charge, creating an electrically neutral wipe.

The ESD wipe provides an extremely low particle-generation and extractable chemicals contamination hazard. The manufacturing process of our ESD wipes entails a unique no-run knit construction that ensures a low lint, highly durable, and very absorbent wipe with incomparable antistatic properties.

Our ESD wipes are processed and packaged in class 10/iso 4 and class 100/ISO 5 cleanrooms providing optimum cleanliness and assuring material purity throughout the electronic cleanroom production process.

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