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Types Of Clean Room Wiper Material

Types Of Clean Room Wiper Material



A clean room wipe is a low lint cloth used in a clean room or controlled environment to wipe away surface contamination and spills. Common cleanroom contaminates would be solid particles, liquids and bio contaminants. Different types of clean room wipe material have been developed to offer absorbency, cleanliness, resistance to chemicals and abrasion resistance.

DRY KNITTED CLEANROOM WIPES are the cleanest level of wipes. Most widely used in a Class 10 (ISO 4) and Class 100 (ISO 5) cleanroom. The wipes are made from polyester and have a variety of edges and styles.  Strong, will not tear, non-shedding  Clean, low in particles, used in the most critical applications and critical clean rooms  Soft, Non-Abrasive  Sterile, low bio contaminants  Particle capture and retention properties 100%

CONTINUOUS FILAMENT POLYESTER CLEAN ROOM WIPES– Types of Edges and Styles  Knife Cut Edge – Edges cut with a knife  Laser Sealed Edge – Edges sealed with a laser  Ultrasonically Sealed Edge – Ultra sonic heat seal to cut and seal the edges  Bordered Sealed Edge – Four sided border sealed edge  CapSure Treated – A process that enables wipers to capture and retain more contaminate particles.  Light Weight or Heavy Weight – Thinner or thicker material  Quilted Two Ply – Two wipes bonded together using a diamond pattern, high absorbent  Sterile – Irradiated, validated sterile and low endotoxin levels

DRY NON WOVEN CLEAN ROOM WIPES can be made through many different methods. Meltblown material is extruded and formed into a batting which is than thermally bonded. Another method has Hydroentangled fibers which has thousands of high pressure pin size jets that shoot water at the batting of blended fibers to form the material. This method uses no binders. Each fiber material has unique qualities making it suitable for different applications as a clean room wipe.  Wide range of material to suit different applications  Economical  High sorbency  Strong  Clean low linting

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