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What Are the Advantages of Woven Polyester Cleanroom Wipes?

What Are the Advantages of Woven Polyester Cleanroom Wipes?


100% Continuous Filament Polyester — What is a Knitted Polyester Cleanroom Wipe? Polyester is a synthetic petroleum-based fiber. Monofilament or continuous polyester cleanroom wipers is the cleanest wiping material available. Monofilament structure ensures a very strong and durable material. Naturally, polyester absorbs solvents but not aqueous solutions; a finish treatment is commonly applied to improve sorbent properties. Laundered polyester knit cleanroom wipes undergo a laundering process using ultra-filtered water at 0.45 micron before HEPA filtered moisture removal. Packaging and sealing under an ISO class 4 laminar flow workstation with a hermetically sealed (air tight) package ensures cleanliness and traceability before final inspection. Cleanroom processing and laundering ensures low particle shed, consistent quality, and favorable outcomes in class 3-5 cleanrooms. The wipe will also not shrink or change shape. Compatibility with cleaning solvents such as IPA and autoclave ready temperature ratings enables use for the most critical cleanroom environments.

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